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Green Card Benefits

LOWER COLLEGE TUITION compared to foreign students.

ACCESS TO MEDICARE so you can enjoy health insurance benefits from the U.S

WORK AUTHORIZATION to get a job anywhere in the U.S.

RESIDENCE FLEXIBILITY to live anywhere in the United States.

ACCESS TO SOCIAL SECURITY so you may receive retirement benefits, such as a supplemental income, after contributing system.

PERMANENT STATUS as long as you follow U.S. law.

Our Principals

The Principals of 888 American Dream Project Regional Center (888) came together from different practice and industry areas to encourage economic growth through both EB-5 and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Our mission is to encourage, source, and place foreign investment into unique projects within high unemployment neighborhoods for job creation purposes and economic impact. These are areas where real job creation and new development is critical and has the most impact.



The EB-5 program is a permanent residence program allowing for immigration by investment to the United States of America. 888 American Dream Project Regional Centers offers investment opportunities to foreign nationals who would like to utilize the EB-5 program to obtain permanent residence in the United States.

Invest in America

Invest a minimum of $800,000 (plus associated costs) into an open EB-5 Project.

888 American Dream Project  EB-5 investment offerings are structured such that each EB-5 investor should meet the requirements of the EB-5 investor visa program. A primary requirement is the creation of 10 new American jobs.

Immigrate to America

Success in EB-5 ultimately provides U.S. permanent residency (green card) to the EB-5 investor, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age.

Live in America

U.S. permanent residents may live, work, and travel anywhere in the United States.

Permanent residents pay ‘resident’ tuition rates at U.S. colleges and universities in their home state.


Foreign Investment

888 American Dream Project mission is to encourage, source and place foreign investment into unique projects within high unemployment neighborhoods for job creation purposes and economic impact.

In-House Professionals

888 American Dream Project employs in-house business attorneys, economists, financial analysts, and compliance professionals to provide industry leading service.

Client Services

888 American Dream Project staff speak 10+ languages in house and our experienced team works closely with each investor's attorney to provide all necessary EB-5 project documentation for their immigration petitions.

EB-5 Industry Pioneer

888 American Dream Project was the first regional center to rely solely upon indirect and induced job creation, and was the first to introduce what is commonly referred to as the loan model.


Every888 American Dream Project EB-5 Partnership's financials and 888 American Dream Project's track record are audited by a third-party nationally recognized accounting firm.

Worldwide Presence

888 American Dream Project has investors from over 100 countries. 888 American Dream Project has affiliate representatives located in China, Vietnam, Europe, India, and the Middle East that are available for individual meetings.

About Us

Because the investment required by the EB-5 program is sizable, it is important that EB-5 investors understand all components of the EB-5 process. Choosing the right EB-5 project is particularly important if the EB5 investor is to be successful.

EB-5 projects are most often funded by regional centers Even though EB-5 investors can form their own new commercial enterprises, approximately 90 to 95 percent of all EB-5 visa applicants invest in a regional center project. EB-5 investors must direct their required capital investment to a specific EB-5 project. EB-5 investments must be made in an EB-5 project that is considered to be a new commercial enterprise and that will lead to the creation of 10 fulltime jobs for U.S. workers.

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EB-5 is a United States immigrant investor program that offers citizens of other countries the opportunity to seek permanent U.S. residency through an investment that creates jobs in the U.S.

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