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Kamali Consulting College of Medicine

“Global health has become an inextricable component of medical, public health, and nursing practices. Demand is increasing for health professionals who can function competently in a global marketplace, who have research or service interests in health problems of developing countries, or who wish to address global manpower inequities through training or service.”

Kamali Consulting, Kamali University and other university (“KC”) group, intends to establish a School of Medicine that  has plan to open in fall 2021. 

The medical school will develop innovations in research, education, and health care delivery and will improve the quality and availability of health care globally. It also will give special attention to the needs of the medically underserved globally. With the help of many colleagues and in partnership with markable group of Native Americans in California and elsewhere,The new school will be truly inclusive of all ethnic groups, especially global potential Students, for which it will be the first such dedicated health science’s university in the U.S of its kind.

The curriculum of this new medical school wil lintroduce a new paradigmin medical education revolutionary medicine emphasizing the advantages of integrative biology, cross-cultural healthcare, international human rights, prevention, evidence-based medicine, genomics, and environmentalism. Because of its innovative nature, the school will serve the three basics functions of an M.D. granting American Medical School research, training, and service more effectively than any existing school of health sciences. It’s organization will be fully compatible with state medical board, LCME, AAMC, and all other national and international credentialin bodies.

Educational philosophy at our University will reflect modern culturally at tuned consensusin medical education. It will be paid to different learning styles among students, cultural relativism, and life long learning (continuing medical education) An array of modalities in education including conceptual mapping, inquiry-based learning, small-group learning, peer-learning, active (observational and participatory) learning, and interactive simulation, digital books and learning,  will be utilized Students will begin their studies. College of medicine will strive to educate more primary care physicians than any other medical school, M.D.or D.O., in America, because this is the urgent need.