Fulfill Your Dream Of Living, Working, Or Studying In The USA Through An EB-5 Investor Visa

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Is the EB-5 program right for you?

Are you looking for simplicity?

A one-time investment into the EB-5 project allows you, your spouse, and any unmarried children under the age of 21 at the time of filing to receive green cards upon approval in approximately 18 – 24 months.




Are you concerned about the security of your investment?

Our projects are structured to mitigate the required risks of real estate projects under the EB-5 platform.

According to the rules of the Section 232 program, these government sponsored entities are statutorily required to refinance the value of the project as a form of reward or incentive for building a project of such extreme social need.

Do you need a permanent solution?

Unlike other visa programs such as the H-1B or E-2, the EB-5 program provides a direct route to permanent residency for everyone included in the original petition. 

Many other visa options, including in the U.S., require dependents to obtain additional visas after the age of 21. However, the EB-5 program eliminates that issue entirely.

EB-5 Green Card Benefits

Gain Permanent Residency for Your Whole Family

Investors, their spouse, and any unmarried children under the age of 21 can all receive U.S. Green Cards with a single investment.

Attend American Universities at Lower Rates

On average, a resident (as compared to a non-resident) can save at least 45% of the cost of attending college, with an average annual savings of $23,045. If a student is in college for 4 years, that’s a total savings of $92,183. EB-5 Green Card holders are also eligible to apply for government-sponsored financial aid, further reducing the cost of higher education.

Eligibility for U.S. Citizenship

EB-5 Green Card holders are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship after being permanent residents for an established amount of time.

Minimal Requirements

There are no language skills, business experience, or special training required to invest in the EB-5 program. The only requirements are to make the required capital investment from a clean source of funds. There is no point system.

Expand Your Job Possibilities

Having a Green Card opens up greater job possibilities. An EB-5 Green Card does not require employer sponsorship to work and holders can obtain employment in any U.S. territory provided it does not require U.S. citizenship. EB-5 investors also have the ability to start a business or form a corporation.

Legal Rights and Protection

Green Card holders are entitled to most legal rights under U.S. law. They are allowed to own firearms, property, and cars like other U.S. citizens.

Flexible Travel

Holding an EB-5 visa allows you to leave and enter the U.S. without fear of being denied reentry by immigration officials. There is also the freedom to live and work anywhere in the U.S. with no travel restrictions throughout the country. In addition, you can obtain a U.S. Passport upon receiving your citizenship

Retirement Benefits

Working in the U.S. for a total of 40 quarters (which comes out to 10 years, 4 quarters each year), allows for eligibility by Green Card status for Social Security benefits upon retirement. Additionally, you never have to work in the U.S. under the EB-5 program if you don't want to.