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Kamali Consulting College of Medicine


“KC”, and its Founders/Consultants have established the last three Health Science university in California, as Dean and Founders, and now invites any interested Domestic and International Universities to have a present in Western Medical Health provider institution in early stages, by Investing Funds and stay as partners in this Once in a life time opportunity and enjoy the support and sharing as partner with your local universities with ongoing basis, we are seeking financial partners.

There are two potential opportunities as Investor/Medical school wish to be incorporated into US Medical school base, 

(A). Invest in Newly Kamali University as a starting School , or 

(B). Invest in existing Prestigious Health Science University, which has most of other

Health colleges like Dentistry, Nursing and etc. and inviting investors/Partners for Medical School partnership, and as approved plan to have Medical students rotate through Mexico, India and US base Clinical rotation and potentially have dual Degree from both universities when Graduate, and detail needs to be worked out and LCME blessing received as well, and stablish, implement and provide technical support with new Medical/Dental School.

Investors will enjoy partnership into prestigious Medical/Dental schools,  Up to date information, and EB-5 opportunity, For example, In Qatar, they have invested more than one Billion Dollars to have and for Columbia University Name only to come in into Qatar Educational Village, and start a new Medical School there, and still consider to be a Foreign School, plus management cost, in Dubai, Harvard University have done the same, but none of investors have shares in any US Medical School Location,  

Kamali University is open for proposals for Financial Partners and/or Existing Medical schools abroad who has intention, desire and wants directly, to be part of the Western Medical schools (US and Canada), for their own Medical and Dental Schools with their own home base, with subject to approval of authorities from both countries, to award Dual Degree from both Countries.

Investors need to demonstrate their Financial strength and proof of funds before any official disclosures and agreements are engaged.