Medical School Project

Kamali Consulting College of Medicine

The Future of Medicine and a New Humanity

About Us

Global Health Care

With the help of many colleagues and in partnership with markable group of Native Americans in California and elsewhere,The new school will give special attention to the needs of the medically underserved globally.

Ethnic Group

The new school will be truly inclusive of all ethnic groups, especially global potential Students, for which it will be the first such dedicated health science’s university in the U.S of its kind.  

Medical Education Revolution

The Medical School will introduce a new paradigm in medical education revolutionary medicine emphasizing the advantages of integrative biology


The medical school will develop innovations in research, education, and health care delivery and will improve the quality and availability of health care globally.

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The plan for building and administering the College of Medicine is innovative. Kamali University Plan is a Six-Year Pathway to the M.D. Degree.


Kamali University is open for proposals for Financial Partners and Existing Medical schools abroad who has intention and desire to be part of the Western Medical schools (US and Canada).
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