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Kamali Consulting College of Medicine


Our plan is to have partner of up to 10% partnership and investment of $90 Million

Dollars for first phase, and in return subject to local and national regolatory approval and LCME, will receive share in new Medical school, and up to date information as Sister university and have sturdents up to 5 rotate within different residency in USA, and possible Dual diploma subject to approval by LCME.

In addition Equity partner will have the opportunity to seek and submit application for EB5 Program and apply for residency program in USA once the project is approved as the approved project for EB-5,  

As a benefit corporation the College of Medicine has acommitted social benefit mission and will set aside annually a significant contribution from earnings for scholarships, clinic operations, programs ,and physical limprovements.

Kamali University Plan: A Six-Year Pathway to the M.D. Degree 

Engaging more students in the study of medicine from populations in need of health improvement is a global priority. Removing obstacles to student recruitment is the major way

that this important goal can be accomplished. Such obstacles are time to completion and expense of education. “KC” Plan offers a six-year M.D. educational pathway after graduation from secondary school that is two years shorter and substantially less expensive than standard U.S. medical schools.